DescubreGroup joins the Paperless movement

The paperless culture is nowadays a global movement and Descubregroup joins it by betting on a double impact, on the one hand, it creates new communication solutions and on the other hand it supports the current ecological commitment. This change management generates double positive effects, corporate awareness and a more sustainable company.

The paperless movement is not only a time saver, but also a better and more effective communication within and outside the company.

It is totally wrong to think that the investment we must make to implement new technologies is high and outweighs the cost-benefit ratio, as the “paperless” strategy generates much greater efficiency in communication and increases the company’s internal productivity.

For example, the “paperless” technology used in hotel directories is being a “communication revelation”, reducing the use of paper to practically zero by using internal and external screens to transmit information. This generates that it reaches 100% of the guests, making them feel more satisfied as it has the effect of “anticipating their needs” by getting answers to their questions, thus achieving a 100% effective service.